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Influence the organism

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Influence the organism


Our whole nervous system works through information transfers on low intensity electrical impulses. This real-time commands within our Denkapparates or the "central controller" to the "periphery" and headed back. This is done to perfection and with "transfer rates", which every technical system is far superior. The storage capacity of our brain is immeasurable - it has all the information is square, during a long life are collected - and beyond even more.


If you are this sensitive nervous bombarded with information, are similar to those which it is used, only a thousand or a million times better performance, each logically thinking people that this effects must entail.


Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields can include the following symptoms:


• chronic fatigue and severe fatigue in simultaneous sleep disturbances


• Chronic headaches


• headache 'without organic cause'


• sleep disturbances


• potency disorders


• cardiac arrhythmias


• Cardiovascular diseases


• blood circulation disorders with thrombosis and infarction


• hypertonic blood derailments, which often are not adjustable


• Memory disorders


• learning problems


• disorientation


• Rheumatic complaints


• Depression, z.T. worst


• psychosis


• decreased immune response


• infections


• DNA damage and disturbed, and DNA repair mechanisms


• brain tumors


• Leukemia and other cancers


• Autoimmune diseases


• Reproductive problems


• Miscarriage


• pain in muscles and joints


• herniated discs


• sudden deafness, tinnitus and vertigo


• hormonal disorders (STH, Adiuretin, thyroid hormone, sex hormones)


with bleeding abnormalities and cysts in women

"How does the Electrosmog in the body?"


If the spread of the respective types of fields is not familiar (this is expected for most non-engineers is the case), we probably exactly that question.


• Electrical switching fields:


Electric field lines do not penetrate into the body, but cause resonate through the body's own free charge carriers a "power shift" and thus a current flow in the body.


• Magnetic switching fields:


by the temporal change of magnetic flux (which is a magnetic field change) in the body induced eddy current, which is the stronger, the faster the temporal field change takes place.


• DC magnetic fields:


Here one also affects the induction principle, however, according to another schema. With the blood flowing constantly electrical charge through our body. Therefore it may be in such magnetic "peaks", or - "valleys" to induce an electrical current will flow.


However - and this is the main problem in Erdmagnetfeldanomalien - is usually homogeneous magnetic orientation of the body's cells disrupted. Such discord can cause massive problems. Through Magnetic Therapy is trying today, to eliminate such interference and hence to cure diseases. Through a balanced sleep but you can often prevent their formation. Often long-standing complaints disappeared after relocation of the sleeping in a homogeneous area "as alone"!


• Electromagnetic fields


(RF): "Radio waves penetrate the body, but there are - depending on frequency and power - steamed. This energy is absorbed, what with the high power flux density of the tissue to warm leads. But even at a lower intensity is a variety of biological effects, of which hereafter at least some of the principles which should be outlined:


Impact on the human biosystem


The pineal gland controls many vital processes - among other things, produces the hormone melatonin, which has multiple tasks. Among other things, it is an effective scavenger of free radicals. Too little melatonin causes include Restlessness, depression and a weakened immune system. The day / night (light / dark)-cycle affects the pineal gland. The bulk of the melatonin-distribution takes place at night - in the quiet phase. Extremely important in the context of technically generated fields is that the pineal gland not only light but also to other electromagnetic waves react! (Light is an electromagnetic wave of very high frequency, short wavelength so - much shorter than Mirko waves, but it is still an electromagnetic wave.) If now for example, a DECT phone (which continuously transmits, even if the phone is not), a Wi-Fi router, or a wireless transmitter in the vicinity, the pineal gland can be influenced so that they are no longer completely on "night mode" switch. Also nieferfrequente magnetic fields affect change beyond a certain threshold (which incidentally is much lower than the legal limit) is evidence of melatonin production.

Those who are suddenly no longer can sleep deep, lies awake at night, so daytime permanently tired to find the cause very often in new "achievements" in the wireless communications "in his apartment, or after a move to a" polluted electrosmog 'house!


In particular, high-frequency radiation in the microwave range can be from certain performance thresholds are much worse in the functions of the organism to intervene. It still plays very different effects on control mechanisms, to the direct damage to the body's cells - in particular the DNA (our genetic code in the nucleus of every cell) - a role.


The Ecolog study, 2000 on behalf of the German Telekom DeTeMobil MobilNet GmbH has already supplied a variety of test results for all levels of the cancer development - from the degradation of DNA, about the unchecked proliferation of cells and weakening of the immune system to the manifestation of the disease. The effects occurred at power flux densities of less than 1 million μW / m², for individual stages of disease development "requirements" may already intensities of 100,000 μW / m² (micro watts per square meter) and less.


At this point it is now said that it is impossible here at all so far known mechanisms of action in view of their already fill many volumes. Unfortunately, the behavior specialist and general press against these studies is still very negative, which of course is often economic reasons.




Are the affected industry self studies, it is in accordance with negative results obviously do not publish - as happened with the Ecolog-mentioned study was the case.


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