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Electromagnetic Fields

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Electromagnetic Fields

RF fields are nowadays primarily for wireless communications, but also in various fields of research, medical technology or in radar applications - even in a tragic manner of weapons technology (microwave weapons).

An end to the "Wireless boom is far from being in sight, especially since the Kommuniaktions and entertainment industries increasingly find new market opportunities (UMTS, etc.) and especially because so many people seem never enough comfort, entertainment and duration -- Irradiation can get.

From an electromagnetic wave is called when an electric with an alternating magnetic field "melts" and the leader can solve to get it - no obstacle in principle infinitely far - can spread. This field arises only from a frequency of about 30 kHz (30,000 vibrations per second, a wave of that frequency has a length of approximately 10 km).

Today, in a variety of wireless communication frequencies, ie different wavelengths used. Radio frequencies (VHF) are located at about 100 MHz (wavelength about 2m), microwaves (GHz range) have a wavelength in the cm range. The mobile phone is used at about 32cm (GSM900) and 16cm (GSM1800 and UMTS). It should be noted in this connection ask the diameter of a human head.


In the past 10 years - and especially since the year 2005 with the launch of UMTS services - has especially the establishment and development of microwave transmitters an incredible density reaches its diverse effects on the body only partially understood - partly because not even one-thousandth of mobile license fees for research in this area are available. Meanwhile, there are already many highly circumstantial and scientific studies, the various negative effects on biological systems and show concrete proof, but there are still a long way from all Wikungsmechanismen explored.

The digital transmission using pulse-modulation technique (a microwave is just as described in fractions of seconds "hacked") is about the impact on biological systems are particularly noteworthy, because the heart rate is used the signals to our nervous system are very similar so that now the "Mobile epilepsy 'finds its clarification.


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