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is called - an invented word, which consists of another word arose (smog = smoke + fog, so smoke + fog). - Not very happy choice, but I have no intention of any terms change, but would like to help us to improve yet often overlooked, but precisely for this reason particularly dangerous source of many physical and psychological suffering and to identify ways to eliminate to create a pristine life in excellent health and full of Life Energy instead wrapped in living consuming energy to be able to lead.


However briefly back to terminology: a very fitting word for what you "Electrosmog called, is "Electrical Stress", because these produce artificially erzeugze or changed fields in a biological system like the human organism.The mechanisms of information transmission within the Biosystems man "- at least the basic principles - are now researched. Even more surprising is that there is still a lot of people - sometimes even reputable scientists - say, electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields of millions higher but similar intensity patterns as used by our nervous system, have no physiological effects!


Fortunately, there is but the first "repentant" Wissenschalfter, in retrospect, to admit and how results are clearly the adverse biological effects - especially of high-frequency radiation - evidence has been manipulated so that the economic objectives of the participating technology companies were not threatened.


It is apparently an old social problem that unpleasant truths always denied for so long, so long as this situation is a "pecuniary" benefit shows.


How many decades has never officially confirmed that smoking is injurious to health, although it was obvious? (This is just one of many examples).


Electromagnetic fields can be much more insidious than, for example, the blue haze or smelly, dangerous solvents, because the human organism has no sense organs to such fields aware exercise. As one moves into its new home or changing the workplace and, after some time that you have headaches more frequently than ever before, or that since the move never really has slept deeply, more aggressive than before, or "simply" much more frequently ill.


Who ever these changes in time and they can capture (in this Example) with the new apartment or house in the new connection, is already an exception! Others are simply sick and the cause can not even guess.


Then, after most obvious problems such as molds, etc. Wanted, but you will not find it. One is puzzled - most doctors also because there is no tangible reason. Therefore be treated as the usual symptoms. Something far sighted therapists still occasionally come to psychosomatic diseases (such as stress, the physical impact). If it then also designed therapy fails, the hope fades most rapidly.


A real phyikalisch available, but unfortunately, invisible cause, particularly in recent years as a wildfire spread (this is especially the mobile boom meant), but is still almost always overlooked! But "electrosmog 'burdens are nothing new. Railway lines, power lines, transformer cabins, etc., exist for a long time, nobody has previously only the health status of residents documented. This has changed over the last years. Numerous and impressive new studies confirm that, for example, the leukemia rate among children who are in close proximity to live power lines, twice as high as in comparison groups.

For a given occasion would like to point out that no panic is, if it turns out that, in your environment a burden exists. On the contrary - to draw attention to is a very lucky - and the first step towards a solution which is often easier than you think. This must, however, by experts on the specific situation concerned. Everything else can be very costly and in the worst case, the burden still further strengthen, rather than to eliminate it!


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